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We are an expert in mortgage brokering industry.

Solve various loan challenges

Increase efficiency by saving time

Exquisite algorithm to increase approval rates

Challenges Faced by Clients

Here are some examples faced by the mortgage industry, which gives you a glimpse of what our application could helps you


When collecting payment from a potential purchaser, there is a risk of the loan not being approved. With the need of a refund, precious time is wasted. Besides that, potential sales are slept on due to the particular unit needing to be blocked off when collecting a deposit from a negotiating party.

Real Estate Agent's

When collecting down payment from potential purchasers for a particular unit, time is wasted when the potential purchaser is unable to get their loan approved, essentially wastes both parties’ time.

Our Amazing Features

Features that helps you on your loan queries and activities


Search Credit Report's

Search applicant credit report at your finger tips


Increases Approval Rates

Our exquisite algorithm provides a credit overview which increases loan approvals up to 95%


Efficient Loan Processing

Improve loan processing processes by cutting time focusing what is necessary


On-Demand Support

Facing Difficulties? Our tech support provides 24/7 support

The Team Behind TechRevo

Albert Chong

Albert Chong, started his career as loan officer in banks. Thus possessing expertise in the lending business, with more than 15 years of experience in the mortgage brokering industry.

Peter C.
The Tech Guy